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Want to help others embrace the future of publishing and earn 25% recurring?

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Introducing the Mobimag Partner Program

Since launching Mobimag, we’ve helped hundreds of people design and publish beautiful documents that look amazing on mobile. Along the way, many of those same people and others have asked us if they can help spread the word and be rewarded for their referrals.

So we got busy and connected Mobimag to a world-class affiliate platform. Then we made assets, like banners and copy for you, and finally, we decided to offer you an extremely generous commission of 25%, which is paid to you ongoing, for the lifetime of the customer.

Now, all you need to do is sign up and within minutes you can start earning today.

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Why Become a Mobimag Partner?


World-First Product

Mobimag is truly unique and offers a solution unavailable anywhere else.


Easy to Use Portal

After signing up, you’ll receive your tracking link and other assets.


Generous Commission

We offer you 25% for all your referrals, paid ongoing, for life.


Transparent Tracking

Simply log into your portal and you'll see all your clicks and conversions.


Premium Support

Need help? Simply use our live chat or email and we’ll reply ASAP.


Merch and Prizes

And in the future, we plan to offer special bonuses to our partners.

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How it Works


Become a Partner

Complete the sign up form that takes 10 seconds.


Get Your Unique Link

Enter our partner portal & get your unique link.


Share & Earn 25%

Share your link and earn 25% on all your referrals.

Become a Mobimag Partner
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The Fine Print

(Which is oh-so fine)

  • In order to receive your commission, a user must have clicked on your link and claimed a free account within 30-days.
  • Commissions will be paid monthly when the amount is greater than $100. If less, it will stay in credit until the amount is reached.
  • Like all affiliate programs, we depend on cookies to properly track referrals. The person you are referring must have cookies enabled for you to get credit for the referral. Cookies will expire after 30 days, meaning your referral must upgrade within 30 days of clicking the link in order for you to get credit.
  • You cannot receive commissions on your own account or any other person that is already a Mobimag user.
  • Abuse, gaming the system, or the use of unethical marketing practices may result in your account being banned.
  • You must agree to comply with all National and International laws related to affiliate promotion of products and services (for example, complying with FTC guidelines if you are in the United States).
  • You agree to include the appropriate disclosures on your blog or social media posts as required by State or Federal law.
  • As we are all learning from experience, we reserve the right to change the terms of our affiliate program at anytime.
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