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In this month’s edition of Mobimag of the Month, we are focusing on health, exercise and well-being. We are shining a spotlight on “REACTIVATED,” the dedicated digital magazine of AUSactive, which showcases the latest news, innovations, research and commentary shaping Australia’s health and well-being sector.

Under the leadership of their marketing manager, Rachel Ely, REACTIVATED has published 14 editions, consistently delivering valuable insights and information about health and well-being.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel, and her responses provided a compelling testimonial on how Mobimag has helped their team produce a top-quality magazine that influences Australia’s health and well-being sector.

Join us as we explore how Mobimag has contributed to REACTIVATED's success in achieving its goals and vision.

How did you first learn about Mobimag?

We discovered Mobimag while exploring options for launching our own magazine for members. Traditional print channels didn't align with our environmental values and were costly for distribution. Mobimag stood out for its reach, affordability and accessibility, making it an ideal choice for our needs.

What was it about Mobimag that made you sign up?

Mobimag offers a valuable feature for AUSactive—it allows seamless sharing across various social media platforms, extending our reach beyond current members to potential ones in the Active Health & Exercise Industry.

Tell us a little about your Mobimag and to whom it is designed.

Our magazine, REACTIVATED, is a bi-monthly publication designed specifically for AUSactive members. Each issue focuses on a relevant theme within our industry, providing tailored content for our audience.

Issuu Discover more about REACTIVATED Magazine here

What are your favourite features of the Mobimag Platform?

We appreciate Mobimag's navigation menu that allows readers to jump to different sections easily. Additionally, the platform's customisable length for features aligns perfectly with our content needs.

What are some of the best comments you have received from your readers?

Readers have expressed enjoyment in sharing the newsletter, especially when they are featured in it, and have praised the mobile-friendly experience of swiping through each page of REACTIVATED.

What would you say to someone who is considering using Mobimag?

Opting for Mobimag is a great decision—it's user-friendly and offers seamless reading and sharing experiences, making it an ideal platform for publications like REACTIVATED.


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