‘Knowing my readers are fast-paced entrepreneurs with precious time, I strive to offer them convenience, making Mobimag a no-brainer choice!’

These were some of the insightful words Annie stated about Mobimag. And just like our previous blog posts, we're excited to present you with fresh content brimming with creativity, motivation and inspiration.

This month, we are highlighting the remarkable Annie Gibbins, the power behind Women's Biz Magazine, as we highlight the entrepreneurial achievements of women in the field of digital publishing.

Women’s Biz Magazine covers workplace dynamics, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and business leadership. It's a treasure trove of career advice, inspirational stories and expert insights into industry trends and the unique hurdles faced by women in business.

Our recent dialogue with Annie illuminated the inspiring essence of her character and shed light on the profound impact Mobimag has had on her publishing journey.

Join us as we explore and witness how Mobimag has amplified her voice, reaching diverse audiences and propelling her business to new heights.

How did you first learn about Mobimag?

As a woman who continues to remain educated about media opportunities, digital publications and advances in presenting global content to multiple platforms, I seek out the best opportunities there are. As the CEO and Founder of Women’s Biz Global, as part of our multi-faceted business arms, we create, produce and publish bi-monthly publications for Women’s Biz Magazine.

Women’s Biz Magazine is heading into its third year of magazine distribution, and we know in a competitive market, visual appeal is everything! As an avid supporter of those within the same industry as my company, I saw the emerging use of Mobimag and thought, “I want the best!”

What was it about Mobimag that made you sign up?

With various design tools and supporting technology, I have always been confident that my visuals are on-point and on-brand. As a brand enthusiast and expert, I understand the fundamental requirements to provide informed content, presented in an accessible and user-friendly format. However, with the exponential growth and readership of Women’s Biz Magazine, document layout is key. I immediately identified that Mobimag offers effective solutions for the digital landscape. Mobimag offers multiple design layouts, high-definition pixel imagery, height and format variations are ideal, and the recommended single-column layout means readers can roll through images, ‘pull-out’ quotes, and design elements made easy for our modern ‘scroller’ audience. Plus, Mobimag technology also enabled the effortless addition of videos, podcasts, clickable buttons, and subscribe forms.

Tell us a little about your Mobimag and to whom it is designed.

Women’s Biz Magazine is published by Women's Biz Global and covers topics related to women in the workplace, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and business leadership. The magazines typically provide advice, tips and strategies for women looking to advance their careers or start their businesses. It features interviews with successful female entrepreneurs and executives, provides information on industry trends and news, and offers insights into the unique challenges and opportunities that women face in the business world. Additionally, it may cover topics such as work-life balance, networking, marketing, finance, and career development. It's the magazine that every woman aspires to read and be featured in!

I am proud of my creative team, and I sought out and recruited an experienced designer who specialises in digital marketing and design, who was thrilled when I shared the migration of our content over to Mobimag!

Issuu Discover more about Annie’s Women’s Biz Magazine here

What are your favourite 2 or 3 features of the Mobimag Platform?

It’s very hard to pick just two! The features that stand out specifically, are being able to include adding videos, forms, and social sharing buttons, plus the ability to edit content after publishing. Mobimag in turn has assisted me to reach wider audiences by making the content accessible on desktops, tablets, and mobiles. As the creator of an international publication and understanding my multiple markets, I know that my readers are fast-paced entrepreneurs, and their time is precious. If I can increase my audience by offering ease, then Mobimag is a no-brainer!

What are some of the best comments you have received from your readers?

We have had wonderful feedback from our writers, contributors, advertisers and readers, specifically stating that the Mobimag is visually clean, impactful, concise and easy to navigate the content on hand-held devices. We are proud to partner with several Public Relations agencies, so their experience and feedback are also very important to us. We have had brilliant feedback from these agencies, heralding Women’s Biz Magazine as one of their favourite magazines to promote… but of course, I will name no names.

What would you say to someone who is considering using Mobimag?

Simple, sign-up. If you want to build your business, and publication and gain maximum worldwide exposure – don’t wait a second longer.

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