From interactive dining guides to stylish magazines, Mobimag has proven itself to cater to diverse publishing needs across various industries.

In this month’s issue, we are pleased to showcase an insightful newsletter from Acumentis by Michael Marchment, one of our esteemed Mobimag clients leveraging our platform for the past three years to deliver exceptional newsletters to a wide range of audiences.

Acumentis has been consistently delivering outstanding Property Insights through newsletters to homeowners, lenders and companies across Australia.

We recently had a virtual discussion with Acumentis and asked them a few interview questions. Their responses revealed an inspiring story that we are excited to share with you.

We believe their journey will serve as a testament to how Mobimag is revolutionising digital publishing.

Let us uncover more about how Mobimag has empowered Acumentis to reach a broader audience and enhance their engagement with readers.

How did you first learn about Mobimag?

Initially, one of our team members, who hails from a publishing design background, introduced us to Mobimag. Their familiarity with the platform's capabilities and potential sparked our interest.

What did you like about Mobimag or why did you sign up?

We were drawn to Mobimag, primarily because of its mobile-first design approach, aligning perfectly with how our audience consumes content. The platform offers a seamless experience for creating beautifully designed content that is not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate, without the complexities typically associated with mobile design.

Tell us a little about your Mobimag and to whom it is designed.

Our Mobimag serves as a monthly Property Insights newsletter tailored to a diverse audience of subscribers, including homeowners, lenders and companies across Australia. It's crafted to deliver valuable insights and updates relevant to our audience's interests and needs.

Issuu Discover more about Michael’s “Acumentis” here

What are your favourite 2 or 3 features of the Mobimag Platform?

Firstly, Mobimag allows us to leverage our existing design tools, empowering our team to create compelling mobile-friendly designs seamlessly.

Secondly, the platform's interactive elements, such as video integrations and QR codes, enhance engagement and enrich the readers’ experience.

In addition, the ease of post-publishing edits, especially for correcting typos, is a convenience that ensures our content remains polished and professional.

What are 2 or 3 of the best comments you have received from your readers?

Our clients have consistently praised the effortless navigation and consumption experience facilitated by Mobimag's design, which integrates familiar swipe and scroll functionalities.

The visually appealing layout of our Mobimag has been a hit, enhancing overall engagement.

In addition, the feature indicating the length of each article has been particularly appreciated for its transparency and convenience.

What would you say to someone who is considering using Mobimag?

Do it! Your clients will love it, and you won't regret it!

Its user-friendly interface, coupled with its ability to captivate and engage readers, makes it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to elevate their content delivery strategy.

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