Get ready to witness the transformative impact of Mobimag across diverse business sectors in this month's edition.

Here, we highlight Mobimag's dynamic features and its role in enhancing specific business domains and addressing their digital publishing needs.

In this edition, we focus on Jason Staats and ‘The Where To Eat Guide.’

Where To Eat Guide and Associates (WTEGA), Inc. emerged as a premier publisher and media firm, effectively promoting restaurants and aiding tourists in discovering exceptional dining spots.

Advertisers prefer the quarterly publication for its sophisticated design, affordability and extensive distribution. WTEGA has solidified its position as the preferred publication for leading hotels, resorts and local consumers, operating in key locations such as Seattle, Portland, Bend, Boise, Napa Valley and San Francisco.

Let us continue our exploration and learn from Jason Staats' testimonials, uncovering why Mobimag has proven crucial in providing a seamless, user-friendly experience in modern dining guides and more!

How did you first learn about Mobimag?

I learned about Mobimag after searching for a new solution that provided a more seamless and user-friendly phone experience.

What did you like about Mobimag or why did you sign up?

With so many alternatives available for a mobile magazine and such a wide range of costs, it may be very difficult to decide which path to go. Dale was the one I cherished the most! I received a lot of enquiries about pricing, design and onboarding.

Making my selection was greatly aided by the opportunity to speak with the company's founder and other key personnel. I also like the simplicity of uploading, the high-quality guides and videos that made training my team simple and the availability of analytical data.

Tell us a little about your Mobimag and to whom it is designed.

Before the pandemic, Where To Eat Guide was a reputable print publisher with 1.5 million copies sold. As a result, our logo and design were well-established and transitioning to a phone screen was simple due to the original design's form.

We have implemented some enhancements to optimise the reading experience for the user. We are grateful to Sally for her leadership of our design team, which has been with us for over 20 years.

Issuu Discover more about Jason Staats’ The Where To Eat Guide here

What are your favourite 2 or 3 features of the Mobimag Platform?

I adore how simple it is to format an index page - how I can replace a single page without uploading the entire book and how I can use hotlinks to send my readers to more resources.

What are 2 or 3 of the best comments you have received from a reader?

Some of the best comments I have received are the following:

‘Easy to use.’ ‘Clean format.’ ‘Much better than our previous online magazine format.’

What would you say to someone who is considering using Mobimag?

‘Pricing and features are great. The platform is efficient and easy to learn and implement.’


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