Welcome to the vibrant world of digital creativity with Mobimag's showcase series, where we spotlight the genius of our clients and their outstanding use of our platform.

In this edition of "Mobimag of the Month," we dive into the vivid realm crafted by Caiden Laubach, the creative genius behind Design Pickle's exceptional Mobimag issue – now on its 11th edition.

Design Pickle, a leading graphics company, has ingeniously harnessed Mobimag's capabilities to weave together a mesmerising tapestry of moving digital art and engaging content.

Let's delve deeper into Caiden's insights and explore how Mobimag has empowered Design Pickle's journey to captivate audiences with their innovative design narratives.

How did you first discover Mobimag?

I stumbled upon Mobimag during my tenure at Plexus, a previous company, while conducting research. Our primary needs revolved around finding a robust solution to showcase digital catalogue content, measure traffic to our domain and seamlessly update pages as our products sold out while preserving the same URL structure.

What was it about Mobimag that made you sign up?

At Design Pickle, our necessity revolved around showcasing dynamic digital art - anything related to motion and animation - without compromising the ability to track engagement and clicks. Basic PDFs could not effectively exhibit our design work. Mobimag perfectly caters to our requirements by allowing us to exhibit the entirety of our designers' capabilities, including video content.

Can you tell us more about Mobimag and who it's designed for?

We employ Mobimag in a rather unconventional manner, utilising it for guides, lookbooks and newsletters, among other purposes. Our target audience comprises prospects and existing clients. At times, we embed links for booking meetings – redirecting prospects to our sales team and clients to their respective account managers. This strategy has notably assisted us in acquiring new accounts and expanding existing ones.

Issuu Discover more about Caiden’s Design Pickle here

What are some of your favourite features about Mobimag?

Undoubtedly, the standout feature is the platform's extensive customisation options, allowing us to tailor the entire design to our needs. Additionally, the capability to embed moving elements such as GIFs and videos directly within the pages is a game-changer. Following that, the ability to seamlessly replace pages while maintaining the same URL structure and tracking analytics through GA is immensely valuable to us.

What are some of the best comments you have received from your readers?

We've received numerous compliments on the stunning designs and the user-friendly navigation experience.

What are your thoughts on Mobimag for someone considering using it?

For anyone seeking a fully customisable digital showcase platform that's adaptable, agile and user-friendly, I highly recommend Mobimag. It's the ideal solution!


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