We're delighted to introduce you to Stacey Airey, one of our valued Mobimag customers. She's the founder of MediBoard, a health and wellness company, and she's currently publishing the 12th edition of her magazine, "MediWell," on the Mobimag platform.

We recently had a chat with Stacey about her experience with Mobimag. Here's a look at the insights she shared with us.

How did you first discover Mobimag?

I stumbled upon Mobimag, thanks to the amazing Business Blueprint and its founder, Dale Beaumont. Coming across this product was an absolute stroke of luck, as it opens up a brand new array of digital publishing possibilities.

What was it about Mobimag that made you sign up?

Two key factors made me sign up for Mobimag! First off, I was thrilled by the QR code feature, which allowed our 700 waiting room health hubs to provide direct access to the digital content. It was like magic, effortlessly connecting our audience to the valuable information they needed.

But that's not all! Signing up for Mobimag was also a crucial part of our marketing strategy. We wanted to establish a strong consumer voice in health education content, and Mobimag offered us the perfect platform to achieve just that. It's been an incredible journey, engaging our audience and making a real impact in the health education industry.

Can you tell us more about your Mobimag and who it's designed for?

Our fantastic Mobimag is not just any ordinary health and wellness magazine. It's specifically designed for Kiwis eagerly waiting for their appointments, offering them a chance to dive into engaging and relevant health content.

Our Mobimag isn't just about delivering valuable content. It's also a powerful platform for our advertisers to convey a deeper message to their target audience. It's a win-win situation, where our readers get the health education they crave, while our advertisers get to connect with them on a whole new level. It's all about making a meaningful impact in the world of health and wellness!


Read and explore more about Stacey’s MediWell magazine here

What are some of your favourite features about Mobimag?

I have a couple of favourite features about Mobimag. First and foremost, it's incredibly user-friendly and straightforward to navigate. It's so intuitive that my VA now effortlessly handles the publishing of our beloved MediWell magazine without a hitch.

And let's talk about the end product—it looks absolutely fantastic! The polished and sleek design of our digital magazine is truly top-notch. I must say, the ease of use coupled with the stunning final result truly sets Mobimag apart from the rest of the market. It's a winning combination that we couldn't be happier with.

What are some of the best comments you have received from your readers?

Our readers have expressed their love for our magazine's layout, design and high-quality content. They appreciate the accessibility of our magazine through QR codes, especially on MediBoard sites. It's fantastic to see how technology enhances their experience and enables seamless interaction with our magazine.

What are your thoughts on Mobimag for someone who is considering using it?

If you're considering using Mobimag, here are some thoughts to keep in mind. Firstly, I highly recommend systematising the process from the get-go. By establishing a streamlined workflow, you can avoid unnecessary heavy lifting and make the most of Mobimag's capabilities. Secondly, don't underestimate the power of good graphic design and magazine experience.

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