Welcome to this insightful discussion with one of our valued Mobimag users!

Mobimag is known for its user-friendly e-magazine platform designed to engage mobile phone readers effectively. Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with Don Liang, who uses Mobimag for their e-magazine, SPHERE. SPHERE focuses on topics like property investment, finance, tax, architecture, and more in Sydney, catering to developers, builders, investors and home buyers.

Let's dive into Don's experience and discover the benefits of using Mobimag.

How did you discover Mobimag?

I first learned about Mobimag through Dale Beaumont and the Business Blueprint Community. They recommended Mobimag as a versatile platform for creating engaging e-magazines, and I decided to give it a try.

What was it about Mobimag that made you sign up?

What appealed to me most about Mobimag was its mobile-centric approach. I saw the potential for my business to reach a wider audience of mobile readers, which is a significant demographic in today's digital age. So, I signed up with the hope of expanding my e-magazine's reach and engagement.

Can you tell us more about your Mobimag and who it's designed for?

Our e-magazine, SPHERE, is tailored to the interests of the Sydney community, focusing on property investment, finance, tax, architecture and related topics. Our target audience includes developers, builders, investors and home buyers who are seeking valuable insights and information about the Sydney market.

Issuu Read and explore more about Don’s SPHERE magazine here

What are some of your favourite features about Mobimag?

One of my favourite features of the Mobimag platform is the ability to make modifications to published pages easily. It gives us the flexibility to update and refine our content, keeping it relevant and engaging for our readers. Additionally, Mobimag's user-friendly interface and the seamless integration of multimedia elements make it a breeze to create captivating e-magazines.

What are some of the best comments you have received from your readers?

Some of the best feedback we've received from our readers is that our e-magazine is incredibly mobile-friendly and easy to read. This reaffirms our decision to choose Mobimag as our platform.

What are your thoughts on Mobimag for someone who is considering using it?

I would strongly encourage anyone considering using Mobimag to give it a try. It's a fantastic platform that not only simplifies the process of creating e-magazines but also ensures that your content is optimised for mobile readers.

If you're interested in discovering the full potential of Mobimag for your projects, don't hesitate to claim your FREE TRIAL today. Your journey to engaging mobile readers begins here!